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NAOBI-DC is one of twelve chapters of Inc. a national organization of Black sign language interpreters.

The mission of the NAOBI family is to promote excellence and empowerment among African Americans/Blacks in the profession of sign language interpreting in the context of a multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment.

NAOBI-DC was chartered in 1999 as an affiliate chapter fully committed to the mission of the parent organization. Various NAOBI-DC members have consistently been a part of the NAOBI, Inc. board.Washington DC is an important area for interpreters of color. The plethora of Deaf persons, of empowered Deaf persons with advanced degrees and broad professional & social lives, the existence of Gallaudet University, and the establishment of several major VRS centers, have all served to create an immense amount of complex multi-cultural interpreting work.

As a result, the DC metropolitan area has become a Mecca for interpreters of color. The number of Black interpreters (and certified Black interpreters) in the region is unprecedented in time and unequaled anywhere else.

NAOBI-DC rises to the challenge of supporting these busy professionals by offering social events to invigorate our members, workshops and seminars to enhance skill levels, and networking opportunities to enable better sharing of information.

Since the DC Metro area is home to an unprecedented number of African-American interpreters, Deaf, Students, and church ministries, NAOBI-DC will continually seek to be a reference point for our diverse community.

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